Making Waves!

The Trailblazers explore the properties of light and sound waves as they seek to answer the question, "How can we communicate with light and sound?"

Opaque? Translucent? Transparent? Reflective?

How Do We Hear?

The Trailblazers research how the human ear helps us to hear by viewing videos, reading books, and examining one another's ears.

Animals communicate with sound to help them survive.

Students learn to construct a scientific argument using claims, evidence, and reasoning. They add diagrams to further explain their arguments.

Engineering Challenge:

Use the engineering process to plan, build, and test a device that will allow kids to talk to each other quietly on the bus.

Important Dates in 2016-2017

March 31

3rd Quarter Ends

April 9 

PTO Souper Supper and CSA Raffle

April 17-21

April Break

May 8, 15, 22, and June 5, 12

EMHRC Swim Lessons

8:30-11:30--Drivers Needed!

12:00-2:30 June 12th only

May 4

Spring Concert

May 19, 26, and June 2

Super Junior Rangers at MBRNHP

May 29

Memorial Day

No School

June 12

Camp Drinker and Family Potluck

2:30-6:00 (after swimming)

June 14

Last Student Day