Old Favorites

Weeding and Harvesting Our Pumpkin Patch

The Trailblazers have been busy all year working to make their school and the world better. Over the summer a crew showed up two weed our pumpkin patch.  In October, the class harvested over 100 pumpkins for the community jack-o-lantern display as well as the PTO Pumpkin Raffle. Many thanks to Dennis Barbour for tending our garden throughout the summer and showing our students what it means to be a community leader.

Cupcakes for Kids Care

On Friday we invited the kindergarten class to help us decorate nearly 100 cupcakes for our community yard sale to benefit our school's Care fund and schools in Louisiana hit by floods. The cupcakes raised over $30! Altogether, the yard sale raised nearly $300. Thank you to everyone who visited or set up shop that day.

Harvesting the School Vegetable Garden