Keyboarding is an essential skill for all students and familiarity with letters and their placement on a standard keyboard is a good foundation for building those skills in later grades.  The library media specialists of the WCSU have put together this document to explain what those foundational skills are:   WCSU Keyboarding Recommendations 2014.


This year all Trailblazers will have 30 minutes of keyboarding practice and instruction each week on a program called Keyboarding Without Tears. Included there and below are links to the following free keyboarding programs that might be appropriate for extra practice: i.e.; Meteor Game




Digital Portfolios

This year students will document their learning using our iPads and a new app called SeeSaw. They will use photos, videos, audio, and their own writing to make a record of their work and tag it for inclusion in different folders. Best of all, they will be able to share that work with you through the SeeSaw app. Check back here soon for the link to your child's portfolio.

American Library Association Links

This is a listing of sites curated by the American Library Association that are especially good for children.  Some will be too advanced for first and second graders, but there are great resources here on all subjects including math, science, social studies, literature, the arts, and animals.