Resources for Reading

Our School Library and Opals


Is a library a room . . . or the books it holds?  RES has an itty bitty library room right now (behind the 1st/2nd grade classroom), but a much bigger collection of books that can be found around the school.  All these books can be checked out through our OPALS electronic checkout system.  If you are looking for something in particular, you can access our library catalogue through this link and then let us know so we can help your child check it out.

Sight Words to Practice

Sight words are common words that children are expected to know "in a flash."  Memorizing these high frequency words helps build fluency and gives new readers room in their working memory to decode more challenging words.







On-Line Reading Games

These sites have multiple resources for young readers (and mathematicians and scientists . . . ). 

Please be aware that they may include advertising.

Dolch Word











Dolch Word Site

Starfall Learn to Read